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Cabecera Exclusive catalog of IoT solutions
Pine Grove

About us

Pine Grove has the strategic goal of developing an innovative international marketplace for the Internet of Things (“IoT Marketplace”) by means of providing smart end-to-end solutions (“Solutions”, and each of them a “Solution”) that will serve both B2B and B2C markets in a much more efficient way.

Pine Grove is focused in the construction of an exclusive catalogue of IoT Solutions, innovative and differential, to be offered to the market through the implementation of distribution channels in an international footprint.

Pine Grove enhances also its offering with:

support services to provide a complete service

usage experience to the customers

Our Solutions: Innovative Features

The Solutions to be offered by the Company will be mainly, but not exclusively, based in the new Low Power Wide Area technologies (hereinafter, “LPWA”), that can enable new Solutions that will always have the following innovative features:

Total autonomia

Plug and Play

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Low Cost

Low Cost

No sim

No SIM card or WiFi

e2e solutions

E2E Solution



Plug and play

Plug and Play

Costumer service

Customer Service

Our Business Model

Pine Grove business model is based in:


IoT Solution’s catalog

Building an exclusive and innovative IoT Solution’s catalogue, entering into agreements with partners to provide the Solutions or some of its ingredients, with acquisition sell-in costs well below the recommended market prices, to enable solid margins to build a long-term business model.


A distribution network

Implementing a distribution network and channels at international level, both for the B2B and for the B2C markets. Pine Grove will develop a strategy to search and find channel partners in each of the countries of the footprint.


Support services

On top of the above, Pine Grove develops its own systems to provide additional services to our channels and customers to support the operation.

Company organization

Pine Grove, S.L. , a Spanish company.

Pine Grove US, LLC, a US corporation.


Pine Grove Europe signed an exclusive agreement with Nettrotter on April 18th, 2019 for the distribution of all their available solutions at international level, including the exclusivity for shop-on-line.

The Americas and Europe

The company has decided to divide the global market in two portions: a) the Americas (with free radio band RCZ2 and RCZ4) and b) Europe and all other countries. The Americas will be managed Pine Grove US.

Pine Grove Us

Pine Grove Us has entered into a contract with Pine Grove Europe for all rights to distribute the Solutions in the Americas.